New bulk unpainted heads
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    The new Digger Blade is just amazing with the unique characteristics it features.  Starting with the head, we designed it with a bull nose to help skip this bait for the lighter 3/8 and 1/2oz sizes.  With the 3/4oz deeper depth model we widened the head to help with crawling on the bottom. 

    The full head design is like nothing on market.  We built it with the lowest center of gravity and 85% of the weight is in front of the blade, which causes the bladed jig to DIG at a 45 degree angle, this helps the bait deflect off rock, wood and also keeps your trailer off the bottom for better action.  The blade connector is free moving to help weight transfer and so the blade can collapse during casts to gain distance and accuracy.  Add in the extra long setback of a 5/0 ultra point hook to help with those short strikers and you have yourself the best bladed jig on the market.  3 sizes 10 hand tied custom colored skirts designed by David Dudley.   

    Pro-order only available now with shipments starting in March.